How To Choose The Best Locksmith Berkeley

When starting locksmith?

Locksmith is a common name this time because if you want to safe need security at first. The locksmith word is too old; someone tells it to start before 2500 years ago someone gas it started 2000 years ago. Many men many opinions whatever, when we want to protect our property, money, business then we pick a great locksmith.

Some outstanding change in locksmith business through, William F. Banham was founder of Banham Security lance first automatic latch bolt lock in 1926 in London. Also, Robert Barron improved reasonable lock security, Joseph Bramah Bramah Lock 1784, Jeremiah Chubb Detector Lock in 1818, James Sargent Combination Lock in 1857, etc.

How to identify the best locksmith?

At this time have more and more locksmith service providers in the USA. All company is not a professional locksmith service provider. They use different illegal ways to show they are the best locksmith service provider. So, right now too much difficult to identify the best locksmith. On the other hand, we will share some effective tips about how to choose the best locksmith.  

  1. Ask him about identification: Identification is more important about choosing the locksmith. Where you call or back the call is he/she is the right person also, have enough knowledge about this company.
  2. They have locksmith license: Ask them about their locksmith license because if they are right locksmith they will show this.
  3. Their staff has been professionally trained and certified: All professional locksmith company staff have been professionally trained and certified. Make sure there all staff have certified and professional locksmith trained.
  4. Asked about hidden Charge: May company show a very low price and completed their service they want to take the biggest number of hidden charges. Ask before about hidden charge hire a locksmith.
  5. Ask the locksmith guys background: Every locksmith is not professional and certified because someone gains the locksmith knowledge by seeing and doing. So make sure the guy’s background was locksmith training and learning increase locksmith skill.
  6. Ask about locksmith cost: This point is more important to choose the right locksmith. All the locksmith is not reliable and affordable. To justify their service cost then choose the best one. Go down and you can see an affordable locksmith service charge you can compare by our pricing.

How much cost for locksmith service?

If you want to choose the best locksmith in Berkeley need to know about the locksmith service charge. If you have not any idea about locksmith service, you can’t find out the best locksmith.


We are trying to clarify about Residential, Commercial and Automotive locksmith service charge:

Residential Locksmith Service Cost Table:

ServiceAverage Cost
House Key Replacement $50 – $100
Commercial Lockout$65 – $200
Rekey House$50 – $135 + $20/lock
Change Locks on House$75 – $200
Drilling Door for Lock Install$90 – $150
Key Extraction$75 – $140
Key Duplication$2 – $10
House Lockout$60 – $185

Commercial Locksmith Service Cost Table:

Service Average Cost
Service Fee $30 – $85
High-Security Lock Install $120 – $400
Keyed Entry Door Levers $90 – $250
Door Frame Repair $120 – $300
Drilling, Wood or Metal Door $90 – $150
Business Lockout $70 – $200
Rekey Lock or Tumbler Change $70 – $130
Exit Device Trims / Install $230 – $450
New Lock Installation $120 – $250
Commercial Door Closer / Install $130 – $350
Push Bar Devices / Install $250 – $750
Change Lock $90 – $250
Key Extraction $70 – $150

Auto Locksmith Service Cost Table:

Service Average Cost
Make standard keys $2-$10
Rekey ignition $45-$150
Reprogram Transponder Keys $50-$200
Unlock the door $70-$150
Rekey door $30-$50
Make Transponder keys $70-$250
Replace door lock $200-$600

End of the day:

Now you have all this important information about how to choose the best locksmith, take the locksmith number and you’ll be fully prepared for any locksmith problem that might arise. Don’t forget to request an estimate before hiring the best locksmith.

If you stay in Berkeley most welcome, Locksmith Berkeley CA and choose the best locksmith for you and your property!!

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